Ayton Enhancement Group

Following a public meeting organised by Ayton Community Council, a new group, Ayton Enhancement Group, was set up in early February 2011.

The object of the group is to work towards the improvement of Ayton village by means of floral displays and other appropriate means.

The current membership is

Chairman – Vic Swain , Treasurer – John Slater

Other Committee Members – Ann Dolan, Tracey Dick and Judy Torrance 

Work around the village is carried out in preparation for the Scotland’s Floral Gateway competition, judged in July. Ayton came first in the small villages section in 2014 and 2016.

 The Enhancement Group has:

  •  provided planted tubs and troughs along the High Street for summer and winter display.
  • taken over flower beds at the north and south ends of the village from Scottish Borders Council.
  • planted crocus bulbs at the village’s southern entrance with the aid of pupils from Ayton Primary School.
  • created a new flower bed on the High Street at the Old Town.
  • weeded of pavements at the north and south ends of the village.
  • planted tulip bulbs and pansies in the High Street tubs and beds for spring.
  • organised new red and white street signs for the whole village.
  • organised fencing off the village recycling bins.
  • replaced the stolen red lions outside the former Red Lion Hotel.

To see some photos of AEG’s work click here.

The Enhancement group is involved with the Scotland’s Floral Gateway Competition  which is organised by Scottish Borders Council. For information about the Scotland’s Floral Gateway Competition, click here.