Flower Show Committee

Ayton & District Horticultural Society Committee elected at the 2014 AGM held in October

 Chairman: Bill Stewart

 Secretary: Vacancy

 Treasurer: Helen Thorburn, Helmsdale, Burnmouth, EYEMOUTH, TD14 5QS

 Committee: Charlie Anderson, Hazel Wightman, Graham Dolan, Billy Hall, Rob Blaikie, Val Watkinson, Nancy Black, Billy Blaikie, Alice Allan, Sheila Kellie, Isobel Anderson, Ann Dolan, Peter Gullan, Liz Donald, June MacKay, Kevin Denholm, Lindsay Wightman, Audrey Blaikie, Sue Edgar.

 The local legend has it that once on the Flower Show committee you are on it until you either move away or pass way! There haven’t been many exceptions to that over the years.