ACHA Committee of Trustees

Ayton Community Hall Association SCIO Committee of Trustees

The ACHA Trustees’ committee  elected at the 2021 AGM was:

Chairman: Bill Black

Secretary: Graham Dolan

Treasurer: Graham Dolan

Minutes Secretary: Rob Boyd

Committee: Brian Ulyatt and Jan Ulyatt, Roger Postle,  Mary Hastings, Paul Smart, Chris Nitsche, Isabel Kellie

The committee usually meets in the hall on the second Tuesday of each month.

Others who have served on the committee since ACHA was formed in 2005 are Bill Black (Chairman for for the first 10 years), Vic Swain, Maureen Anton, Susan Spratt, Pam Oswald, Moira Elliot, Tom Skinner, Audrey Blaikie, Alistair Lindsay, Neil Simpson, Emily Bewsey, Kat MacLeod, Ian Goldsack, Penny Dutton, Paul Priestman and Nikki Miller. John Farr, although not a committee member, worked hard for us seeking grants in the early days.