Clubs & Organisations

Ayton Neighbourhood Watch

Contact: Kenny Combe    (018907) 81443

Ayton Enhancement Group

The group was set up in 2011 to work to generally improve the look of the village using floral displays and other appropriate means. Contact: Vic Swain (018907) 81301 For more information on Ayton Enhancement Group, click here.

Ayton & District Bowling Club

This is a very active green bowling club with full bar facilities. Contact: John Slater   (01890) 71781     For more information on Ayton & District Bowling Club, click here.

Ayton Carpet Bowling Club

The club is no longer operating. Matches were played in Ayton & District Bowling Club clubhouse. For further information contact: Billy Blaikie    (018907) 81256

Ayton Christmas Lights Group

The Christmas lights group was established in 2021 to organise the village lights and Christmas tree. Prior to this the lights were the responsibility of Ayton Community Council. For further information contact Graham Dolan (018907) 81411.

Ayton Local History Society

This society was formed in 2000 and holds monthly meetings, usually with guest speakers. Contact: Bill Black    (018907) 81427    For more information, click here.    To see this season’s programme, click here.

Ayton Gardening Society

Ayton Gardening Society is new in 2022. The Society is holding its first Village Show in September 2022. It replaced Ayton & District Horticultural Society which had existed since 1881 and was wound up in early 2022. The new society has its own website which you can see here.

Some information about the now defunct Ayton & District Horticultural Society is available here. 

Ayton Evergreens Club

The Evergreens caters for the over 60s in the village. The club meets monthly in Ayton & District Bowling Club clubhouse. Contact: Moira Elliot    (018907) 81551

Ayton SWI

swriThe SWI (Scottish Women’s Institute) meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday of the month in the winter in Ayton Community Hall. Contact: Jen Logan  (018907) 71275  To see the this year’s syllabus, click here.

Ayton Community Council

The Community Council is currently in abeyance and not enough nominees could be found. When operating it meets on the first Tuesday of each month in Ayton Community Hall, except in January and August. For further information, click here.

Ayton Castle Curling Club

This is a locally based curling club which curls at Kelso ice rink. Contact: Bill Stewart    (018907) 52090

To view the club’s website click here.