Ayton Community Council Members

7 members were elected to Ayton Community Council in August 2018. Each member can serve for up to three years after which there will be another election. One member has resigned since then and two have been co-opted on, making a total membership of 8.

The current Community Councillors are:

Margaret Carey

Catherine Chisholm    Co-opted under Rule 4.2 (b) on 06/11/2018

Kenny Combe

Graham Dolan

Isabel Kellie

Dick Noble

Paul Priestman

Rob Weatherston

Sarah Woodbury   Co-opted under Rule 4.2 (b) on 06/11/2018

Chairman:  Kenny Combe

Vice Chairman:  Isabel Kellie    

Secretary:  Graham Dolan

Treasurer:  Graham Dolan

Minutes Secretary:  Isabel Kellie